Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Batabing, bataboom!!!  Here it is...phase two of my multi-phase laundry room update.  I've gotta tell ya, I love it!  BUT......

Loving the outcome is far different than loving the process. If I've inspired you to stencil a wall in your home, I am so glad. I do feel like it makes quite a statement for very little money.  However, I need to let you know that this project drove me mad challenged me. Somehow I got the alignment wrong when I positioned my stencil which led to lots of touch-ups, hand painting, screaming deep breaths and very imperfect stenciling.  My hottie handyman wasn't kidding when he said this was MY project.  He did appear from time to time to show some sympathy, re-position my stencil and trim it down a few times, but I will tell you there was not one ounce of paint on that cute man.

Please don't think that your experience with stenciling with the be same as mine.  Even though I love projects, I tend to make them far more complicated than they really are. I'm sure it has more to do with me than the project itself. 

I'm learning to live with okay with imperfect stenciling. I'm telling myself it is a good reminder that in all my sin and imperfection, God still loves me uncontrollably and pursues me continuously. Did you have any idea that I could make my laundry room wall so spiritual?  Me neither. Okay, so my first thought may have been somewhere closer to a profanity than something spiritual, but heh, I got there, right?  

Next up is the office side of the room.  Here's the before. 

My handyman and I are thinking through options. He did make me a printer shelf this weekend, so that will help tidy up the left side of the computer.  The rest of the make-over is yet to come.  Here's one last picture of my stenciling in action.  Pay no attention to me. Instead, look at my cute little audience.  I should have popped popcorn. 



  1. I love that, Shannon! Looks great!

  2. Wow...that stenciling took lots of patience...Looks great