Thursday, September 2, 2010

Let's get organized!!!!

Okay gang, school has (or has almost) started. If you're not organized now, maybe school will give you a little extra time to get those junk piles all those important papers in their place. I have to admit, I love organization.  That does not mean that I am always organized, but I certainly like to try. Today I'm going to give you a peak into my laundry room that houses all my junk office and toy room closets. I only do this because I think I've found a system that works, even with little mess makers children sharing my space.

I just have three tips:

1. Binders
2. Boxes
3. Labels

The picture above is a toy room closet. I keep all small toys/beads/markers/etc. in their own boxes. This give me (and the girls) no excuse by to put things back where they belong. I got the boxes at Walmart and they were anywhere from $1-$3 depending on the size. I made the labels in Word and just attached them with double stick tape. Here are a couple more pics....


Now on to my office. Here is one of my cabinets:


This was a suggestion from a class I took a couple of Summers ago by a lady named Dottie Jones. Again, there is a place to put everything, so I don't have piles (not gonna lie - still have some piles) all over the place.  Again, I made the labels in word and just slid them in the sleeve of the binder. 

So, those are my three tips: Binders, Boxes and Labels. I promise, they'll make your world feel a whole lot better.  Here's to happy organizing!

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