Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I love letters. I love receiving letters in the mail. I love writing letters. However, I'm not talking about those kind of letters. Nor am I talking about learning letters.  My daughter has been learning the first ten million 26 phonograms in school and we spent a lot of time practicing this Summer. So trust me, I'm really not talking about those kind of letters either.  Here are the kind of letters I love......

How great are these? I wish I could tell you I designed them and you would ooh and awe over greatly appreciate my incredible talent. But that would not be true.  However, I did find a website that provides all of these letters for free.  Yes, free.  What does that mean to us, you ask. How about this:

1. Adorable place cards for a dinner party.
2. Cute personalized luggage tags for all your kiddos bags.  
3. Darling gift labels.
4. Homemade return address labels for someone who has just moved.
5. Homemade stationery to write all those letters you're going to write me since you now know how much I love letters.

Those are my five ideas. If you have any others, do share.  I guess it would help if I told you how to access the letters, huh?  Here you go....Daily Drop Cap Letters.  You'll be able to scroll through pages of pages of unique letters. You can download them or I just drag them to my desktop, open a word document, drag them to that document and begin one of the items I listed above.  Have fun!

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