Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oodles of Oats

We go through oats around here like they're water.  You know, the large cylinders of oats that are super cheap and good for you.  The big consumer in this family is hubby. He eats a huge bowl of raw oats, raisins and milk every morning.  My oldest is following suit and adding raw oats to her cereal too. I love this.  Whole grain oats are good for you, good for the budget and there are so many things you can do with them.

With Fall coming, I've been inspired to explore all the wonderful things I can do with oats.  I don't know why Fall has inspired me. I guess it's because Fall makes me want to bake (I am not typically a baker).  I want my girls to remember coming into the house on a cool day and smelling cocoa, hot cider, cookies, cakes and fresh breads. Then, I'll blow out those scented candles and give them whatever snack I've come up with for the day.  First up, homemade granola bars.

This recipe is easy, full of natural ingredients and satisfies the sweet craving perfectly. The base is whole grain oats and whole wheat flour. Honey is the sweetener, so you avoid all the refined sugars. I tossed in slivered almonds for some good ole omega 3s. What more could you ask for? Oh yes, it's much cheaper than buying store bought granola bars that are full of preservatives.

Here's what you get:

I'm storing mine in a tupperware in the fridge, but I have a feeling storage won't be an issue since I've eaten two in the last ten minutes.  Happy munching!

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