Friday, November 4, 2011

For the love of Fall....

I love Fall. I have made multiple loaves of pumpkin bread, pumpkin soup and Fall snack mix. I love the cooler weather and the changing leaves. I have yet to put a fire in my fireplace, but it will happen soon.  I love nature walks, snuggling my kiddos on the sofa and drinking hot chocolate. I want to savor each moment of this Fall because it's already passing to quickly, as are the days, the weeks and the years of my children being little.

That being said, I'm also going to take a hiatus from the blog.  Yes, there are so many ideas, recipes, crafts and DIY projects I'd love to post about, but it is just too difficult for me to find the time these days. I hope you understand. And, I hope you have a wonderful Fall, full of things to be thankful for.