Monday, September 20, 2010

A is for Apple

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So, we're into our third week of mommy school.  Last night I told little one that today was mommy school. Her response was this, "thank you, thank you mommy, for doing mommy school again and again and again."  I melt.

I've decided each week we are going to focus on a certain letter, starting with A and running through the alphabet.  We'll learn to write each letter and do various things associated with the letter. For instance, apple painting (see above).  Wouldn't something along those lines make such cute teacher gifts? Store that idea away for Christmas and the end of the year, no?  Here's a few more "A" topics we're going to cover....

Apple painting (see above)
Writing the letter A and learning the phonograms that go with it.
Ants (study an ant farm and how ants work together - ie. team work)
Arboretum (field trip with big sister)
Alphabet (this will just be a review of all the letters and making sure she can recognize them all)
Airplanes (how things fly)
Acting (making different faces to show different emotions)
All about me (she'll do a self-portrait and we'll talk about hair color, eye color, etc.)

I don't know if I'll be able to post what we do for each letter (that get's boring for the non-mommy school readers), but you get the idea.  If you have any great ideas, please pass them along!

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  1. love this old is she? (the one doing mommy school?) the manipulatives you mentioned from them! thanks for the idea! :)