Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Laundry Room Update (part 1)

Progress on the laundry room is moving slower than I'd hoped. Mostly because I'm waiting for a package. I expect it to arrive this week, so this weekend might offer another phase in the update.  But, thanks to my hottie handyman (don't worry, he's also my hubby), the laundry side of the room is in tip top shape.  Here's a picture of the improvement:

All we added was a simple shelf (I can say that because I didn't make it). It did wonders because it removed all the clutter that used to sit atop my washer and dryer. The basket on the left holds the clothes that need to be ironed. I intentionally did not get a huge one to offer myself a little accountability. 

Here is a close-up of my cleaning supplies from Target. The box in the back is empty. It's contents are in the glass jar for easy access. But there is no way I'm tossing that cute of a box. That little corner just makes me smile. It's pretty stuff than cleans....two of my favorite things. 

Hopefully the next reveal will be this big blank wall that you see right off the kitchen. I ordered a stencil and am going to do the entire wall. I don't think hottie handyman has much interest in helping with this part of the project (he's probably afraid a friend will call and I'll tell them he's busy stenciling - I guess that's not quite as manly sounding as carpentry), so we'll see how I do.  And after that, I'll tackle the office side of the room.  Slowly, but surely.....

Completely shifting gears, thank you to those of you who posted some dinner ideas. I'm so glad to have some new ideas and inspiration.  

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