Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gift Tutorial #9: Practical Paper Napkins

I laughed to myself when I typed the title of this post, as if it should even be classified as a tutorial. All you need to know for this one is how to go to the store and how to tie a bow.  But, I have given this gift to teachers in the past and they really to seem to like it. I think it's because it's something they can most certainly use.....Christmas Napkins.

The year I gave this, I had shopped the previous year's after Christmas sales and stocked up on Christmas Napkins at half-off or more.  So it truly was a very budget friendly gift. Even without the sales, you can find darling napkins for very little money.  Tuesday Morning, Target, Marshalls, TJ Maxx and even Big Lots have cute options. Teachers, friends and neighbors will all have a reason to use napkins - be it a Christmas party, a brunch, afternoon tea, or even just a festive dinner (this also makes a great hostess gift).

Don't forget that you can print off a darling reindeer gift tag here and tie it on to the ribbon with a note. Nine down, three to go......

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