Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Finally, I have my new and improved office space in the laundry room.  Last I mentioned it, we were going to do the magnetic paint, which I still think is a very cool option. But, when we read the can carefully there were repeated warnings about the toxic fumes.  Being with child and all, this was not a good option for me.  My sweet hubby offered to do all the painting, but when he opened the can the fumes were so overwhelming that he didn't even want me breathing it from any distance. So, back to plan A.

Friends, it is with great pleasure and pride in my hubby/handyman, that I introduce you to my new space.....

Check out the function of this magnet wall (technically, it is 16 gage galvanized steel that was cut to fit).

Ahhhhh......order, I love it!!!!

There is so much room left to hang invitations, appt. reminders, etc. I smile. 

I insisted that my husband stand in the room and share a moment with me this morning. He loves doing the work, I love the outcome. What a great "team" we are!!  So finally, we can check this on off his our list.

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