Wednesday, November 3, 2010

12 Days of Gift Tutorials

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Okay, so I totally goofed and posted something I was supposed to save for later.  Ignore the post on the gift tags if saw it. You'll see it again soon. Here is what was supposed to come first.....

I love gifts. Yes, I love getting them, but I truly love giving them too. Especially, if they are homemade and meaningful.  Since the holidays are fast approaching, I thought I'd do a series featuring 12 homemade gift ideas for neighbors, friends, teachers, etc.  The'll vary in price and simplicity, but you know I like cheap and easy, so most will be just that. Hopefully you'll find something just right for some of the peeps in your life and you'll have a good time making something new.  Get ready, we'll start tomorrow.....

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