Saturday, June 12, 2010

Theme 3: Sports

Our third week's theme was sports. I chose this theme because we had swim lessons every day.  To go alongside that, I introduced the girls to different sport everyday. Some were new and some weren't, but it was great to have something to focus on.  I also found a sports drink at Walmart (close to the check out lines) that was in bottles shaped like soccer and base balls. Two for a dollar. I didn't like the drink at all, so I emptied it out and filled it with lemonade. It's amazing how a cool (and thematic) drink makes every sport more fun.  I also found "Care Bare" mitts with balls at TJMaxx. We used those on the days we practiced catch. Here are the other sports we covered each day.
 - Soccer
 - Catch
 - Tball
 - Hoola Hooping (I know, it's a stretch).
 - Golf (we went and played mini golf at Top Golf)

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