Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hand Print Lilies

One of today's garden activities was hand print lilies.  Easy and fun.

Step one: have your child (or you) trace their hand onto construction paper.
Step two: cut the hand out and curl back the fingers by rolling them with a pencil.
Step three: cut one pipe cleaner in thirds, fold it in half and twist it onto another one (the green one) - this makes the stem and the stamen.
Step four: roll the hand print like an ice cream cone and tape it closed. There will be a hole in the bottom.
Step five: run the green pipe-cleaner through the hole.
Step six: your done and I sure hope these directions make some kind of sense.

I'd intended for us to make a lot of these and form a colorful bouquet for the girl's room, but they wanted to hit the pool instead.

I hope you're week is off to a great start. We're headed to the arboretum tomorrow for a picnic (a hot one I'm sure).  I hope to see you there!

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