Sunday, June 27, 2010

Theme 6: America

In honor of the upcoming Independence Day, this week's theme is "America."  I must be honest, I'm lacking in creativity this week. Thankfully we have a birthday party and some lunch dates to keep the week interesting and I'm sure we'll do lots of swimming. Here are the activities I have so far.
 - 4th of July cupcakes
 - Construction paper lanterns
 - Red and blue construction paper place mats
 - Q-tip fire works
 - A flag march to patriotic music
 - Noise makers and "fire -works"
 - We're going to eat our lunch on flag paper plates (can you tell I'm really stretching)

If you have any creative ideas that I can add to my bag of tricks, I'd love to hear them.


  1. Shannon, I just had a flash back to my babysitting days and at one house we made a fire cracker flower arrangement. We took construction paper, fashioned it into a cylinder and decorated it like a fire cracker/rocket with more construction paper. Then we slipped the cylinder/firecracker over a small vase (or soad bottle, I don't remember which) and filled it with flowers from the yard. Some of the flowers were a bit spiky and added to the look of fire crackers bursting in air. We had a craft, nice table for our delivery pizza and the parents enjoyed the kids efforts when they got home. Love your themes, good luck! Carrie

  2. yes, very lacking ... you already have a list of 7 things, I thought you were keeping it simple?