Monday, June 21, 2010

I've lost my marbles....

This is a true statement. Some days I really feel like I've lost 'em.  For instance, several weeks ago I went to the grocery store for spaghetti sauce and a few other things. I get home and what did I forget? The spaghetti sauce. So, I go again the next day. Again, I forget the spaghetti sauce. How does this happen to a 34 year old. I am slightly frightened.  But, the good news is that I have some real marbles and I know where they are. And, my kids now get so excited when the marbles come out.  Here's why......

Marble Painting:  Here's what you need.

1. An empty box (preferable with a white inside)

2. Craft Paint

3. Marbles

Let the fun begin!!!

Step One:  Let your kiddos squeeze blobs of paint into the empty box (or box lid).

Step Two: Have the kiddos toss in five or six marbles and start swirling them around.

Step Three:  Watch in amazement while your little ones produce some very cool art. I'm seriously framing a group of these that my girls did (they look even better in person) and hanging them in my formal living room.

Even if your not ready to hang these on your walls, they are a cheap, easy and non-messy (love it!) activity.  

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