Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Theme 1: Animals

Week one was Animals. Here's what we did:

 - we went to two zoos (Dallas and Ft. Worth)
 -  watched some clips from "Planet Earth"
 - made collages from pictures of animals we cut from magazines
 - read our books that are about animals
 - ate animal crackers
 - made banana bread (because monkeys love bananas)
 - made necklaces out of animal beads
 - made a frog out of a toilet paper roll (google toilet paper roll frog)
 - played Animal Scramble (a really fun game you can get on Amazon)
 - played animal charades 

At the start of the week I planned what we would do each day, so we'd have a sense of structure. Inevitably, we moved things around because life happens. That's the beauty of this - it's a completely flexible type of structure. So go, have a great animal week!

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