Friday, February 4, 2011

Organizer Sheets

Has anyone's year gotten off to a hectic start? Ours has and it will get even more crazy with the arrival of baby Jack in about three weeks.  I'm so ready to have this baby that I forget about all that comes with that major life change.....sleepless nights, dirty diapers, morning/afternoon/evening naps and feedings.  I'm thinking these free printable family organizer sheets might really come in handy as we adjust to a new way a life. 

Below are a couple of my favorites, but as you peruse the site, you'll find pages for baby-sitters, meals, groceries, even one to track an infant's schedule.  I hope one of these is useful for you; I'm sure many will be useful for me.

Here's to trying to stay on top of things when life just isn't so simple. 

(I have to mention this snow.....I can't wait for my girls to wake up and see some snow man potential out there. I'm hoping daddy get's to stay home to help roll the three big balls because I'm not sure this baby belly can do it.  I just wish there weren't a bit sheet of ice under it all.....enjoy it none the less and stay warm!)

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  1. a baby JACK .... 3 weeks! so exciting!! tell the girls hello for me