Tuesday, February 15, 2011


We're contemplating the idea of getting chickens.  Funny, I know.  Not only do I love the idea of fresh eggs, but I'm also preparing for further down turn in the economy. I just did our taxes and if we keep making less each year, you'll probably see me and my kiddos pushing a cart selling our chicken eggs. I hope I'm kidding, but am not so sure.

All this to say, I thought I'd give you a sneak peak into the kind of chickens that I'd like to have. They are called silkie bantam chickens.  I figure if we're going to have them, they might as well be fun to look at. Here they are:

We've got some planning to do and should probably get in the swing of things with a new baby (who is coming on Feb. 22 if not sooner) before we add taking care of chickens to our daily routine.  However, if nothing else, you can bet the chickens will make for some interesting blog posts.  

If you happen to have chickens, I'd love any tips or advice you can offer. 

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