Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Keeping it Simple

Here is another cute way to celebrate Valentine's Day with your sweetie. It's sweet and simple and won't cost you nearly what a dinner out would (we gave that up a looooong time ago).  This involves take-out, a rented movie and some popcorn. If you want to do a fun (and more dessertish) Valentine's Day version of popcorn, go here.

(I've had a couple of questions about the heart shaped pretzels I used in this post. I guess they are not actually hearts, they are just your typical knot shaped pretzels that look like hearts around the perimeter.  I got mine at Walmart, but I'm sure Target or Tom Thumb has them too. Sorry to confuse!  Also, if you want the cute recycled cutlery you see above, Whole Foods carries it).

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