Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Birthday Party Idea: Garden Party

This spring like weather gets me thinking about just that....Spring. I don't know about you, but Spring brings lots and lots of birthdays in our family and amongst our friends. 

I LOVE to throw birthday parties. Specifically, I love to make them personal and special without breaking the bank. So, I thought I'd do a series on some of the birthday parties we've had in the past. Perhaps it will give you some ideas for any upcoming parties you might be planning.

I always do a family party for the 1st birthday.  So, first big party was my oldest's 2nd. Her birthday is in June, so we did a morning garden party to try and beat the heat. 

Below is our food table. My favorite thing was the donut hole topiaries. They were an easy and cute project that consisted of a pot, two Styrofoam balls, dowels, donut holes and lots of toothpicks. 

We had a bubble machine and a little bounce house in the back yard. The kiddos caught bubbles in nets that I found in the Target dollar spot. This occupied them for a loooong time. I highly recommend the investment in a $9.00 bubble machine. It provides for a lot of Summer time fun!

If you have any kind of play house, it makes a great garden center. Ours had little window boxes that I planted, as well as some pots around the perimeter. The great part was that I got to enjoy the flowers all Summer long.

Finally, my dad made that little flower sign that the kiddos stuck their heads through for polaroid pictures. They loved it!  If you have a handy man in your family, it's an easy project. I also think the pictures would have made great cards for thank you notes.

I hope you're enjoying these fabulous temperatures.  Here's to party planning as Spring and Summer fast approaches!

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