Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The "If-Then" Chart

I'm sorry the above image isn't better because the information on this chart is fabulous. This is a discipline chart published by Doorposts, a Bible-based parenting ministry. 

I don't know about you, but discipline is the hardest part of my job as a mom. Not only is it challenging and tiring, but it so difficult to do it with love and composure all of the time. There are times that I struggle to come up with the most appropriate consequence for an offense and resort to idle threats. There are also times that I'm lacking the words I need to back up the "why we don't do that" message that I'm trying to send and just start talking way over my girl's heads.

All this to say, this chart helps with all of that.  I started using this when my girls were a little too young, then it got thrown away in a move and I've just now been reminded of what a wonderful tool it is.  You can go here to learn many more details about the chart, but here are the top three things I love about it:

1. It has scripture that discusses each offense listed. This is huge to me because I'm teaching good behavior not just for me, but to glorify God. His word should be the ultimate guide.

2. You predetermine (with your children) what the consequences will be for each offense so there is no guessing or having to come up with something when you're frustrated.

3. It unifies the way a mother and father discipline. When two parents discipline for different things in different ways, it confuses the kiddos. 

I am by in no way connected to Doorposts and gain nothing if you use this chart. I'm just always looking for good tools to help me be a better parent, so when I find one, I definitely want to pass it along. If you need a little extra help in this area, this is definitely worth the six dollars.

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