Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Free Valentine Printable

How about a free Valentine printable to get you going today? I love the simplicity of this note card and how it leaves much room for personal thoughts.  This would be a great way to share some sweet words with your hubby, wouldn't it?  And, I'm not talking just on Valentine's Day.

I'm going to print several out and hide one in his brief case, pack on in his lunch, tape one to his bathroom mirror and put one under his napkin at the dinner table. Don't you know our sweet men would love all that encouragement in one day. If you're like me, my kiddos get most of my words of love and encouragement.  Ugh.....I'm ashamed to even type that. So, maybe I'll save a few for the holiday next month, but then again I'm sure there will be several more cute options between now and then. I'm going to put these to use this week!

Here's to making our husbands feel special - not just on Valentine's Day, but every day. Let's start now!

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