Monday, January 10, 2011

Chalk Board Tutorial

Here is the same picture of our chalk board that I posted last week. This was one of the easiest "do it yourself" projects I have done and the function of it is fabulous.  All I did was found a big frame.  Look at thrift stores, Good Will,  and garage sales. If it's ugly, it doesn't matter; paint changes everything.  

Next I painted the frame and antiqued it. Antiquing is a breeze. Just put a little wood stain on a cloth and rub it onto your painted frame until you like the way it looks (I'm sure there is a much more technical way to explain that, but I'm not too technical).  

Next, go to Home depot and pick out a piece of smooth wood. Ask them to cut it into the size of your frame's opening. They cut for free and wood is cheap. When you buy your wood, also buy some chalk paint. Don't worry about having extra paint...I promise you will find lots of ways to use it.  Then go home and paint your piece of wood following the directions on the chalk paint box.  

And finally, secure the wood into your frame.  

This is what my hubby used on ours. I'm sorry I don not know what it is called, but it's in the hardware area and if you print off this picture, I'm sure someone in an orange apron can show you exactly where it is.

Tada! You're done! Now, hang this baby up and have fun using it for all kinds of things.

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