Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Finger Print Thank You Notes

I'll start by saying that I think thank you notes are so, so, so, so important and seem to be a lost art. It is a huge goal of mine to teach my children to express their appreciation for a gift received in person, but also to follow up with a note. To me, taking the time to write a note shows fare more effort than a spoken "thank you."

The only catch is that my children can write letters and a few words, but an entire note would be quite a stretch. I write the note for them and they just sign there names. That is exactly what I did this year.  I wish the below idea had come to me sooner to make the note even more personal.....have them make the stationery. It would be so easy - get some blank fold over notes and add whatever combination finger print pictures you want and the result is something precious and personal.

 Here are a few simple ideas I found online....

I know there are thousands of little creatures you can make from finger prints; you just have to do a little hunting around for ideas.  The possibilities are endless....


  1. These notes are really cute and reminded me of Ed Emberley's thumbprint drawing books from when I was a little girl:


    My Ed Emberley books are long gone, but I think I may order one for my kids. They would also make a cute birthday gift along with a washable stamp pad. Thanks for bringing back fond memories for me!

  2. Oh my goodness!!!! My almost 3 yr old son and I just made your thumb print thank you cards to send out for the Christmas gifts we received! They turned out SOOOOOO cute. I'm totally in love and even made a few extra to send out after his birthday in two months. I'd never seen anything like it until now and can't wait to get a couple of the books Amy suggested in the comments! Thanks for making my like so easy and creative, too!