Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Hi Gang!  Sorry for the lack of post on a theme this week.  We're actually not doing a new theme, but rather re-doing some of our favorite things from themes past.  This is supposed to be the week of our "Farm" theme, but it's still too hot and muggy out there for me to want to go to a couple farms and various other outdoor activities. So, I'm postponing that one for a week or two.

Anyway......I'm posting on a totally different subject this morning - cleaning supplies. Have you seen these beauties at Target?

I just looooove them!  I love the labels, I love the smell and I love the price. The hand soap is $2.99, which is a great deal for nice hand soap. Plus, it just adds some prettiness to my sink top.  I don't have the all purpose cleaner  yet, but I might just pick one up today to decorate my laundry room. That's right, I don't even really plan to use it....it's just as inexpensive way to add a little practical charm above my washer and dryer.  Crazy, maybe.  So, next time you're in Target, you might want to take a peak in the soap isle. 

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  1. Hi Shannon, I just found this blog you are doing! It is fantastic...you are as creative as your Mom ever was. I love that you found these great products at Target....I am a Walmart boycotter...just do not shop at that store...nohow, noway!

    Aunt Marilyn