Sunday, July 4, 2010

Theme 7: Transportation

This weeks theme is transportation. I'm excited about this one because there is a surprise in store for my girls. At the end of the week we will be flying to AR to visit their Ganmere and Gandaddy. The plane ride will be the perfection conclusion to a week full of different methods of transport.  Here are the other things I have planned:
 - Train ride to downtown
 - Once in downtown, we'll catch a trolley and grab lunch
 - Frontiers of Flight Museum and painting wooden airlines (got them at Joanns)
 - Duck Boats at Fair Park (it's the only boat I could arrange)
 - Museum of the American Rail Road in Fair Park
 - Paper road (I'm going to make a road throughout our house and let them fill it up with car stickers)
 - car painting (dip match box (or other) small cars in paint and let the wheels do the painting
 - Good 'ole bike rides

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