Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Fish Gallery

Calling all boy and girl moms!!!  I have a great new activity thank's to Julia at My Blue Canoe.  Thursday afternoons at 3:30 The Fish Gallery on Greenville has an excellent story time. They read a couple of cute books, offer drinks and snacks to the kids, have a coloring time, and they walk all the kids around and show them different sea creatures (even letting the kiddos pet and feed them).  We had a ball (granted, I usually have more fun than anyone in our family, but I promise, the girls liked it too).

Since this blog is usually pretty heavy on girlie things, I'm going to do my best to toss in a few good boy crafts/activities too. I've attached a couple of pictures from my phone (sorry for the poor quality), so you can see a bit of what we did.

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