Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Today we embarked on do-it-yourself tu-tus.  My little one was a bit ornery all day (this is common), so the tutus were a bad idea, in her opinion. But, my older child (who is a typical first) was all over it.  It's another easy project that I wish I'd thought of a long time ago. I think these would make darling gifts for any ballerina out there.  Here is what you need:
1. Tulle (lots of it) cut into about 5 inch strips  2. Elastic band 3. Ribbon

The first thing you need to do is measure the elastic band to fit your child's waist. I did this the very precise way of wrapping it around her waist and cutting to fit.  Then I sewed the to ends together using a needle and thread.

Then, you simple tie the strips of tulle onto the elastic band in whatever pattern you want. Here's what you get:

I did all the tulle and then went through and added a strand of ribbon every four inches or so. Here's the final product. 

I was going to give the tutu a little trim, but oldest likes it a bit unruly, so there you have it. I'll take this opportunity to introduce you to Grant or Charlie or Savannah or Josh (My oldest tells me she has seventeen kids, so I lose track of who is who).  She is a natural born mothers. More often that not, she has a baby in her hand and doing all kinds of things with them. They go from soccer to jazz to ballet to basketball, to Bible study to community group. She is a busy mommy and they are busy kids. Funny that she hasn't gotten the "simple" memo yet.  Maybe someday. 

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