Monday, July 26, 2010

Simple Super Food

Tonight I made spaghetti. Exciting, I know. I need to tell you about my spaghetti. It's not normal, you see, it's brown. Why do I feel so inclined to tell you about my gross spaghetti?  Here's why.  You see, I was out of town for four days and have no real guarantee that my girls consumed a single vegetable.  So tonight we had to make up for lost time. How do I do this? Spaghetti. A long time ago, I started adding spinach (A LOT of spinach) to my spaghetti sauce. I put some sauce in my food processor with about a half (if not more) of a bag of fresh spinach. I process until I have green sauce. I then add it to my meat and the remaining spaghetti sauce and, tada, I've just made eating spinach very easy. The only problem is that it turns the spaghetti sauce brown. This works for us because I don't think my girls even know that the sauce is usually red. Please don't tell them. So, if you need a simple way to get your kids to eat a super food, brown spaghetti just might be the answer.

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