Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Christmas Decor

I share these pictures with you only because all of my Christmas decorations have been done on the cheap. Most have been purchased at prior year's after Christmas sales. This year my mission after Christmas is to find some natural wood ornaments (and other neutral decorations) for my tree and a linen or burlap tree skirt. In the past I've gone with a lot of color and am now ready to tone it down.

(I found my mercury glass at Kohls after Christmas a couple of years ago. They always have a handful of really cool things.)

(The reindeer are from Wisteria outlet after Christmas sale. The sad looking branches are from a tree in our back yard; I'm thinking it's time for some fresh ones.)

(I love using glass jars and vases because I've collected tons of them over the years and they can be used in so many ways). 

(Ball ornaments are such an inexpensive and easy way to decorate, although my hubby did say all the colors might give our fish a heart attack - so far, he's fine).

(I love pinecones - another after Christmas purchase. The snowflakes are at Target right now and $1 for sets of two large ones or 4 small ones).

(Terra Cotta Nativity from Wisteria after Christmas Sale)

(Our Jesse Tree)

Hopefully these pictures show you just how easy it is to decorate on a dime. I usually set a aside a little money each year for after Christmas spending.  Not only to I get any additional decorations I'm looking for, but I also look for paper, ribbon, holiday scented candles and soaps (these make great teacher's gifts for the following year).  I usually limit myself to about $50 - it's amazing how far it can go. 


  1. Hi! My mom is Mrs. Lockhart and she told me to take a look at your blog. I love it, and especially all the crafting you have posted! I too am a blogger and am rather in love with it. Have a wonderful day!

  2. I love your blog I found it because I have been looking for that Nativity online. I saw it last year and forgot to purchase it, now they don't carry it...I am so very sad about it! But at least I found a fun new blog to check out. Thanks Jenn!

  3. Where did you get those cute bird prints in the background? I have looked on etsy and thought I could also make my own. I really like them. Facebook me! Jessica Bargenquest :)