Friday, March 4, 2011

Party Idea: Pretty In Pink

My youngest daughter tends to want colors for her birthday themes. This year (her 4th) birthday was pink, purple and turquoise. Looking back, I shouldn't be surprised. For her second birthday she wanted a pink, so I threw a "Pretty in Pink" party.

Notice all that we had was cupcakes and punch. You've gotta love the ease of that! 

This picture cracks me up because she's scared of the flame and big sister is looking on with glee. You'll notice I'm decked out in pink too. Even daddy wore a pink shirt (this is huge for a man that only wears black, grey, moss green and maybe brown).

Her birthday is in February, so it was easy to find pink crafts for the party.  I had the girls decorate pink foam hearts with foam stickers while all the guests arrived. It was a beautiful day, so they just played outside. I'm sure we had the bubble machine and bounce house going (I tend to repeat what works).  Then we ate cupcakes and passed out favors (sorry no picture). They were pink chinese take out boxes filled with a bag of pink jelly beans, pink hot chocolate and a pink necklace. Easy party, but so sweet and fun!

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