Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bring on the Pumpkin

Sorry for the absence of posts lately. My mom turned 70 and took my sister's family and ours to the Hyatt Hill Country in San Antonio. I won't go on and on about how wonderful it was, but I will say this. If I have the means when my kids our grown, I'm definitely carrying on the same tradition.  My parents have taken us all on a trip for their 65th and now 70th birthdays and it has been a tremendous gift to us all. I am so thankful for their generosity and desire to be with us and our kids.  Truly special.

Now, onto pumpkin recipes. I love pumpkin treats and now that Fall is here, there are all kinds of great recipes out there. Here are a few I've found on pinterest. I've made the first one and it is as good as it is easy.  Enjoy....

You can go to my pinterest recipe page to get all the recipes. I will say there are soooo many out there that are probably far better than my selections, but I tried to stick with things that won't kill the waste line. I wait until December to do that! 

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  1. Do you have to be a member of Pinterest to see the recipes? I can see the pictures and when I click on the pic, then that is all there is.